Parish Recovery Team Training Sydney

good to be back in Sydney for Parish Recovery Team training for the Anglicans. The whole area of trauma-informed work with churches is highly topical. We looked at the principles of trauma-informed consulting and facilitation and reflected on our processes in the light of these guidelines. Notes are in our team dropbox.

Ministry Renewal Retreats Victoria

I enjoyed being back at St James Old Cathedral today after a walk through Flagstaff Gardens. Training was for existing and new facilitators for Ministry Renewal Retreats in Victoria. Our normal cycles of renewal retreats run over three years and then groups either multiply or reform. This has been challenging during COVID with many groups missing annual retreats and catch up days. Looks like we can get back to a more normal rhythm this year. It is great to welcome some new facilitators.

Today we coved Theological Reflection (Thanks Len Firth) and looked at Core Values, Ministry to retreat group members and the principles of Sabbath-keeping.

Notes in our team dropbox have been updated.

Surviving and Thriving on Zoom

By Tim Dyer – the Johnmark Extension 2021

During the ongoing COVID19 lockdowns and their consequent social isolation, video conferencing programs like Zoom have been a life saver for work and relationships. Over the last 18 months, I have ended up moving many of my mentoring, training and teaching programs to Zoom or MS Teams as travel restrictions continue to limit face to face connections. It is quite likely that Zoom will become a permanent part of the way we work and relate together. Continue reading “Surviving and Thriving on Zoom”