Ministry Renewal Retreats Victoria

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One of the assignments I particularly enjoy each year is the residential training of facilitators for Ministry Renewal Retreats in Victoria.  These retreats are a three year commitment for a group of pastors or leaders to journey together toward personal and leadership renewal.  We know anecdotally that for each cycle of three years one person makes the decision to stay in ministry who would otherwise have left.

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Ministry Renewal Retreats Victoria Facilitator’s Training 2018

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Great to be back at Wycliffe Retreat Centre at Kangaroo Ground for the 2018 Facilitators Training for Ministry Renewal Retreats Victoria.  The topics we covered this year include: Facilitation Skills, Resilience Plans, Covenant Setting, The Formation Retreat Process, Healthy Leadership and Teamwork. All of the notes are in our team dropbox.  

Victorian Renewal Retreat Facilitators Training–Kangaroo Ground

I always enjoy the opportunity to spend a few days with the facilitators of Victorian Ministry Renewal Retreats.  This year we met at the Wycliffe Retreat Centre at Kangaroo Ground.  We covered a range of facilitation processes including preparing and delivering leadership development workshops, facilitating mapping exercises, handling difficult situations and people and the Biblical foundations of Retreating. 

Renewal Retreat Facilitator’s Training–PCA

It is always encouraging to have a couple of days listening to the journeys of Ministry Renewal Retreat Facilitators.  This week I enjoyed the opportunity to work with around 35 facilitators for Presbyterian Pastors, Clergy Spouses and Women in Ministry groups from NSW, QLD, ViC and SA. 

All training and notes and workshops have no been updated in our group dropbox/