Pastoral Reviews

The task of conducting a thoughtful and well facilitated review of a minister is often one tinged with anxiety not only for the minister and his/her spouse but also for the reviewers and the congregation.  This is usually due to the many stories doing the rounds of poor processes, ministers and congregations getting badly hurt, issues not being dealt with and pastors resigning or being dismissed rather than being empowered to grow in leadership.   Over the years, John Mark Ministries has worked with churches as they have reviewed their pastors and out of this experience has developed some tools and resources to assist.    Continue reading “Pastoral Reviews”

Parish Recovery Teams – Anglican Diocese of Sydney Workshop 11

Training on Wednesday 5 November included exploring a model of church health and reflecting on how the processes of restoration operate.  As a team we also worked through aspects of teaching that occur in recovery consultancies, especially explaining the nature of clergy abuse, the dynamics of power and the reasons why we use terms like ‘offender’, ‘abuse’ and ‘victim’.  Notes from our session are on the Restoring Congregational Health Resource Site.