mentor equipping NSW group A workshop 7 residential at laurieton

Laurieton from North Brother.  A great spot for lunch.
Laurieton from North Brother. A great spot to enjoy lunch

The NSW Mentor Equipping group appreciated the hospitality of New Tribes Mission this week as we trained in Laurieton.  This was a particularly appropriate location to explore issues of stress and anxiety and reflect on ways to assist mentorees deal with these issues.   The new training website for this group is now fully operational and the MOODLE site will come down in the next few weeks.  Please log in to the new site as soon as possible.  All trainees have been pre-approved.

Mentor Equipping NSW Group A
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EPIC training day – healthy leadership

Despite the “severe weather warning” for Tuesday, I was able to make it to and from Melbourne and enjoyed the EPIC (Priests in Charge) training day in Carlton at St Michaels with the Anglican Diocese.   This was the first training day of a new round of seminars and it was great to catch up with some from last year and some new ministers joining the training this year.  I used a couple of powerpoints which are connected to this site as flash presentations and some notes which are printable using the iPaper icon on your browser.  Continue reading “EPIC training day – healthy leadership”