Baptist Church Consultancy Training Workshop 1 – (NSW and ACT)

Tim enjoyed meeting both the existing and new consultants appointed to work with Baptist Churches in NSW and ACT at last week’s training in Sydney.  The new team covered the basic training skills and processes of consulting.  New members have their own training site . Please let Tim or Patricia know your google account username so that you can be logged into the account.

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Church Consultancy Training BUNSW
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Experienced consultants covered some specialist material on conflict.  The links for the conflict material are attached to this page.  Please continue.  Continue reading “Baptist Church Consultancy Training Workshop 1 – (NSW and ACT)”

Leadership Development Training – CrossCulture Church of Christ

Around 30 of the leadership team of CrossCulture Church of Christ in central Melbourne met with Tim on Saturday to  discuss leadership policy and practice around issues of power and trust.  In the first session Tim outlined the trust and power issues of leadership in a presentation entitled A Sacred Trust.  This led to a discussion of boundaries in ministry.  After a spectacular Indian lunch, the team explored a case study and finished the afternoon with a further session on Vulnerability and Strategies for Healthy Leadership.  During the sessions, the issues of mentoring and transference both came up.  Thanks to all who made this an enjoyable way to tackle a fairly sobering topic.

Habakkuk: The Dialogue of Protest and Singing in the Dark

Tim is currently preaching  series at his home church – Sheffield Bible Chapel on Habakkuk.

Habakkuk the prophet struggles with the suffering and injustice in the world. His pain however does not lead him to accuse or judge God. It causes him to engage God in a hard but trusting dialogue, which is an example for us all in times of darkness and doubt. God calls us not to ‘bail out’ on the conversation but to stay in and to engage his activity in his world.

Habakkuk 1 & 2

Habakkuk 3

Ormond Anglican Parish Camp

The Ormond Anglican Church held its Parish Camp at Weekaway Campsite over the 9-11 October.  Weekaway is a great campsite with excellent facilities, good food and lots to do. Tim enjoyed leading two Bible Studies on Saturday morning based on the Kingdom of God.  He looked at two of Jesus parables challenging his followers to join him in mission.  Notes for from the presentations are attached to the links below: Continue reading “Ormond Anglican Parish Camp”