Presbyterian Churches of Australia in NSW Consultancy Training


Tim enjoyed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the Presbyterian Consultancy Team in New South Wales.  This workshop covered a range of Narrative Consultancy Tools for use in Strategic and Proactive consultancies.  We also looked at Pastoral Leadership Reviews, Teamwork reviews and Church Governance reviews.

Notes can be accessed from the team website.  If any members are having difficulties gaining access read this link and if this doesn’t help, please let Tim know.

Church Consultancy Training
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Churches of Christ Conference of Victoria and Tasmania – Church Consultancy Training

The Don Bosco Salesian Retreat Centre in Lysterfield was a great location for our training residential for the second team of consultants to be trained for the Conference of the Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania. Over the residential we covered a range of Consultancy Processes and Skills and introduced the training program for the next three years. Consultants have access to the training site via this link.

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Congregational Consulting and Church Health Coaching
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Romaine Park Christian Centre – Governance Workshop

Tim enjoyed facilitating a Saturday workshop with the pastor, elders and management committee of Romaine Park Christian Centre in Burnie, Tasmania. Topics we covered included governance structure, ministry leadership and processes for healthy congregational life.

Links to the notes used in the session are active below:

Five Levels of Delegation
The Pastor-Congregation Support Group

The Tear Drop Model and ministries of elders

6 Roles of a Church Eldership Board

Eldership Covenant

Anglican Diocese of Sydney – Parish Recovery Teams Workshop 16

Tim enjoyed facilitating the final training day for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney’s Parish Recovery Consultancy Teams on Wednesday.  The training covered Biblical Foundations for the Ministry of Restoration, The needs of various groups impacted by clergy misconduct and some Reflective exercises on spiritual formation of consultants.  The notes have been linked to our training group site.

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Parish and Congregational Recovery
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