Baptist Union Consultancy Teams NSW and ACT

Tim spent the day in Sydney with both the existing consultancy team and the new team in training for the BUNSW. Workshop 3 included training in data analysis, consultancy design and power dynamics in churches. Specialty training in mediation skills in consultancy was also covered for the experienced team.

Access to the training group site is via this link.

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Church Consultancy Training BUNSW
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Access to the Conflict Specialty Training Group is via the link below.

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Conflict Management in Christian Communties
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Punchbowl Bible Chapel

I enjoyed a Sunday with the Punch Bowl Christian Centre on 29 March speaking on their theme for this year “MySpace in God’s Place”

The specific topic I was asked to address was “What does not have a space in God’s place”. My approach was to ask the questions “where and what is God’s place?” I believe the Biblical answer to this is that while God is above and beyond all his creation, the place in which he connects with us is within his creation. In fact scripture is quite clear that God is in the process of redeeming and restoring ‘all things’. Our future is not to be removed from planet earth, but to dwell with God on a restored and renewed earth. It is the agenda of evil to separate people from the experience of God’s love, the knowledge of God and his ways and the beauty of his creation. We are to be people who love God and seek to express and restore these elements to their rightful place.

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Finding the Balance

Professional Standards Network of Victoria
Along with the Victorian Police and Forensicare, John Mark Ministries was part of a training day at Ashburton Baptist Church on Saturday 20 March looking at the issues around integrating sex offenders into the life of Christian churches.  Tim led two sessions, the first on theological issues around integration and the second on managing risk.  The powerpoint can be viewed below and a risk managment assessment tool downloaded.
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