Baptist Union of NSW and ACT – Church Consultancy Training Aug 2010

Consultancy training today focused on facilitating Leadership Reviews for pastors. We looked at the key issues and elements of reviews in the first session and covered an overview of process. A couple of case studies followed then and some tools were given out for use in the process. The new and existing teams divided for specialised training after lunch covering church size dynamics and church recovery following conflict.

Notes for the day are available on our group website.

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Presbyterian Church Consultancy Team NSW – Training Workshop

Thanks to the Prebyterian Consultancy Team for an enjoyable training day on Monday.  We looked at transitional consultancies and facilitating change in local churches.  The notes are now active on our training website.  Links to the biblical reflection and a couple of resources are also included.  Thanks for welcoming Maddie to join us for the day.

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Church Consultancy Training PCA NSW
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EPIC training program – Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Equipping Priests in Charge
While the Melbourne winter rain poured outside (and, for a few minutes, inside) the Knox Quest Conference Centre over the last few days, the participants of the EPIC progam and I worked our way through three days of conflict resolution training.  EPIC is the Melbourne Diocesan program for Priests in Charge in their first couple of years.  Our conflict work included theory and practice around personal conflict styles, interpersonal conflict resolution skills and congregational / parish consultation processes.   I have attached most of the documents referred to below.  Please let me know if you need anything more.

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