Focus on Ministry – Anglican Diocese of Sydney Retreat Groups

I  enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the facilitators for FOM groups in the Diocese of Sydney on Monday. The location used for the training (Telford at Port Hacking Youthworks campsite) was a great spot I had not been before. Over the day we explored four areas of leadership development which can be adapted as workshops in the retreat setting: these included Self Care Strategies for Clergy, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Conflict Management and Phases and Stages of Leadership Development.

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Churches of Christ Conference of Victoria and Tasmania – Consultancy Training Sept 2010

I had a wonderful two days with the Churches of Christ Consultancy teams A and B this week in Melbourne. Team A today covered facilitation skills in greater detail and we looked at recommendations around self care and mentoring for pastors. Team B on Wednesday spent the day looking at Pastoral Reviews and the tools and processes used in these situations. Thanks to Mark, Peter and Robyn who facilitated the training of the new group with me. We all worked through the implications of several of the consultancies the teams are currently working with. Notes are up on the team website.