Presbyterian Consultancy Team Training–The Venue, Bellambi


I am just home from another enjoyable few days from Wednesday to Friday catching up with the Presbyterian Church Consultancy team at the Venue in Bellambi.  Apart from reviewing current consultancies, we looked at Vision work in local churches, Supervision Processes and the Leadership Practices model as a basis for work with pastors. 

Our team DropBox has been updated with the new materials and also some resources mentioned in training. 

Salvation Army Northern Cluster workshop on Sabbatical Rhythms

I enjoyed catching up with the Northern Tasmania Salvation Army officers in Elizabeth Town for our first cluster group this year.  We looked at the practice of the Sabbath Principle in Ministry and explored ways to incorporate dimensions of the Sabbath into daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and life rhythms. 

The Sabbath Rhythms Mindmap

A sample Sabbatical Covenant

Link to Marva Dawn’s Keeping the Sabbath Wholly

Training in Local Church Governance

Church Governance Presentation V3Many churches are currently rethinking their models of governance and the practices that flow from these.  I enjoy opportunities to work with local churches on principles and practices of governance and it was fun to do this today with a church in Brisbane. 

We looked at a model I call the Tear-drop and spent some time examining five developmental practices around this.  Following this we looked at how to review a senior pastor and also a congregational conflict resolution policy.

Some of these resources are available on my Katartizo weblog.  

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney–Parish Recovery Teams Training Workshop 8

It was somewhat wet and cold in Sydney today for our Parish Recovery Teams training session at St Andrew’s house.  We looked at several areas of small group facilitation in Recovery Consultancy work. It was good to welcome a new director of Professional Standards to our training.  This was to have been the final training day for our second team however there may be one final day in May as we prepare for joining both teams now that training is complete. 


Notes have been transferred to our dropbox account.  Please contact me if you have any access difficulties.