Central Region ADF Chaplains Seminar–Adelaide

The Chaplains of the ADF serve in a complex and challenging environment.  Along with pastoral responsibilities for service personnel and their families, they provide counsel and support to the unit command on matters to with the ethics of engagement, relating to local civilian populations and on unit morale.   It was a privilege to work with the Central Region Chaplains this week in Adelaide on pastoral transactions around moral injury and repair, leadership practices and processes for systemic health.  

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Salvation Army NW Cluster – Enabling Gifts of Grace

Our March NW Cluster meeting spent some time reflecting on the nature of Spiritual Gifts and how to assist Corps members identify and use these in the church and community.  We looked at the Biblical basis for gifts and discussed how these might have looked and worked in the early Christian communities Paul in particular was writing about.  We then examined several of the New Testament lists of gifts and discussed whether this was a complete catalogue or a kind of sample list of the phenomena Paul was talking about.  Finally we spent some time on the body life metaphor and a discussion about the place of love in relation to the gifts.  A presentation and some notes are linked below. 

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Mentoring Network Australia

I have just spent this afternoon with Keith and Marg Farmer.  They have been sharing about the Mentoring Network Australia.  This is an open network of Christian mentors who are particularly interested in the formation of Christian leaders and pastors through mentoring.  There is an annual training conference which this year will be held from May 9 –11 at Stanwell Tops just south of Sydney.

2012 Mentoring Network Training Conference

Les Scarborough from John Mark Ministries NSW is one of the keynote speakers this year along with Mindy Caliguire from Willow Creek in the USA, Keith Farmer, Andrew McCafferty and Rick Lewis.

I hope to be able to attend the last two days.  See you there. 

Baptist Union of NSW and ACT – Church Consultancy Training Workshop 10

For the last workshop in our introduction to the areas of specialisation in Church Consultancy, we looked at Vision and Strategic Planning consultancies.  Some time was spent on understanding the theology and spirituality of listening to God in the context of visioning.  We explored processes of assisting churches to surface their vision and to engage in strategic planning processes.  As usual notes are our DropBox.  A highlight of the day was hearing Rev Ian Duncum outline his findings from his D.Min. research on the effectiveness of this model of consultancy on 10 Baptist Churches in NSW.