Anglican Diocese of Gippsland–Clergy Support and Wellbeing Day Traralgon

Another enjoyable day catching up with the clergy team in the Diocese of Gippsland.  This year our theme was dealing with the dynamics of conflict in parish communities and looking at strategies for early intervention.   We brainstormed conflict dynamics in church communities, looked at styles and modes of conflict, church systems, a conflict process and conflict management for leaders.

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EPIC Conference – Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

churchconflict I enjoyed teaching conflict management and resolution skills to Priests in Charge for the Diocese of Melbourne over three days this week.  We covered a number of frameworks for understanding conflict and looked at some practical processes for resolution in both interpersonal and parish processes.  All the notes and handouts have been added to the EPIC dropbox. 

Crusaders Staff Training – Conflict Resolution


I enjoyed today with the staff team from Crusaders in NSW at their Galston Gorge campsite – even picked up a few magic tricks on the side.  We looked at conflict styles, Matt 18 and explored a series of scenarios.  In the elective session we reflected areas of vulnerability and processes of self care in ministry.  Notes of the sessions follow. 

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