Churches of Christ Vic Tas – Accreditation of new consultants

I always enjoy completing a training program and seeing a group of consultants recognised for their contribution to church health.  Today the second team of consultants, male and female, clergy and lay, for the Victorian and Tasmanian conference of the Churches of Christ were accredited following three years of training.   They are already out and about working with churches, we reviewed three live consultancies today and discussed an up and coming consultancy for the new year.  Thanks to Robyn Millership, Peter Broadbent and Michael Vanderee for their assistance with training.  After 6 years of training, I will now be stepping back to supervise and support the training group and the above team will lead the church health consultancy process forward from here for the Churches of Christ.

ADF Chaplains Seminar–HMAS Stirling–Western Australia- 5-8 November 2012

I have enjoyed meeting and working with the Western Regional ADF chaplains at HMAS Stirling.  Again the area of Moral Injury sparked lots of discussion.  We looked at the conscious and sub-conscious processes at work in PTSD and Moral Injury and began some reflection on forgiveness, reconciliation and moral repair.

Today we shifted focus to leadership and systems theory and finished with some work on self care in ministry.

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