Website woes

Hi friends,

My apologies to many who were trying to access materials over the weekend.  My four wordpress websites suffered a cyber attack on Friday last week which disabled all sites and closed off even my own access.  I had to take each of them down yesterday and rebuild them from scratch.  Thanks for your patience.  They are all up and running again.  A few pictures here and there which were stored on the site are still missing.  I will seek to restore these as I can.

All links to downloadable files are via dropbox which was safe from the attack.  It was only the wordpress coding on the server which was compromised.  This is now corrected and added layers of security have been installed.



Managing Parish Conflict–Diocese of Melbourne Clergy Conference 2014

It was good to catch up with friends in Melbourne this morning for a workshop at this year’s clergy conference.  I was given the topic of Parish Conflict – a bit of a regular with me these days.

Please read more to get access to the links to the powerpoint presentation and also the resources I referred to in the presentation.  A link has also been provided to the article on Conflict resolution within an Asian context.

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