Victorian Presbyterian Clergy Family Camp – Philip Island

I enjoyed spending this week with Victorian Presbyterian Clergy and their families on their annual camp.  We anchored 4 studies in the book of Philippians and then reflected together on several areas of ministry: Resilience, Partnership and Conflict Management.  There was also a ministry workshop on sexual dynamics.   All the notes, brainstorms and links follow:


Session 1: Brainstorm – Stress and Resilience in Ministry

Session 1: Presentation: Going the Distance


Session 2: Brainstorm – Supportive Relationships in Ministry

Session 2: Presentation Notes – Partnership in Ministry

Session 3: Brainstorm – Managing Conflict

Session 3: Presentation Notes – Managing Conflict


Session 3/4: Conflict Links

Covenant Commitments for Christians in times of Tension

From Surgery to Acupuncture: Conflict resolution in Asian Church settings

Matt 15 Grievance Procedure

Steps toward relational reconciliation

Sample Teamwork Covenant


Session 5: Brainstorm – Sexual Entanglements

Session 5: Presentation Notes: Sexual Dynamics