Self Care and Resilience–Ridley College MA

I am enjoying the opportunity to reflect on Resilience in Ministry with the MA Gold participants at the Yarra Valley Estate.

For the Presentations and Notes, see below:

What is Resilience?

Positive Psychology

Inside Ministry

Understanding Attractions

The Challenge of Ministry – Adapted from Keith Farmer

Burnout and Stress Injuries

Resilience Assessment Workbook

LInk to collective norm file (Confidential)

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Feeling Words categorised under basic emotions

Overall Self Care Map

Overall Self Care Map XMIND file

Sabbath Rhythms Map

Sabbath Rhythms XMIND file

Sleep Presentation

Spirituality and Ministry

Type and Spirituality

Supportive Relationships

Supportive Relationships XMIND file

Different Types of Intentional One to One Relationships

Church and Family Systems

Brain Care

Stages and Phases of Development

Roy Oswalds 10 Self Care strategies          Worksheet

John Sturt (Modeified) Self Care Inventory