Visit to Mauritius sponsored by the Anglican Diocese

Merran and I are enjoying a visit to Mauritius at the invitation of the Anglican Diocese to run a week long seminar on self care, health and leadership development for clergy and spouses of several denominations on the Island.

We are meeting at Le Thabor, a Catholic Retreat and Training Centre which was one of the old colonial mansions previously called the White Tower.




To access notes and resources shared in the sessions please see below

Monday January 14

Pastoral Ministry and Clergy Families

Emotional and Social Intelligence in Ministry

Five levels of Delegation

The Pastors Sabbath


Tuesday January 15

The dynamics of pastoral transactions in ministry

Challenges and Pressure in Christian Ministry

Understanding church systems

Self Care Practices

Self Care Worksheet

Intentional Interim Ministry

Wednesday January 16

Health and the Whole Person

Differences between Stress and Burnout

Conflict styles handout

Conflict styles Presentation

Conflict Management for Leaders

Conflict Preparation for Leaders

Thursday January 17

Teamwork in Marriage and Ministry

Grace Gifts and SHAPE

The 5 Leadership Practices

Introduction to Mentoring

Reasons Pastors seek a Mentor

1 Year outline of Mentoring

Different Intentional One to One Relationships

Friday January 18

Objectives of the Mentoring Training

Initiating a mentoring relationship

The first sessions in a mentoring relationship

Forming a mentoring covenant

Preparation for a mentoring session