About the Johnmark Extension

Welcome to the Johnmark Extension home page.

If you have just attended a training workshop as part of one of our consultancy, mentoring or leadership training programs and you are looking to access notes they should be linked either to this site or to the dropbox site for the course.

Maybe you have recently attended a Johnmark Extension seminar and heard there are notes available on the website. See the recent posts box for website additions linked to training and seminar events.

Welcome to other visitors who have checked in for a look around. You might like to look at some of the static content pages which explain a little about the Johnmark Extension, introduce Tim Dyer, and outline our training programs.

The Johnmark Extension is networked with John Mark Ministries an Australian network founded by Rev Dr Rowland Croucher and includes Rev Les Scarborough in NSW. Rowland Croucher runs an extensive website with a wide range of leadership articles and resources.

There are a number of articles and resources linked to this site. While some are freely available others are specifically for those involved in training programs and require a login name and password.

Contact details for the Johnmark Extension are linked to the top menu.