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What Is a Team Leader? - Description, Role & Responsibilities ... 

It will be interesting to see how today goes speaking to a clergy conference from a distance by zoom.  Hope all works well.

Leading Healthy Teams is one of the key challenges of contemporary ministry.  Today we will be working through aspects of team life and especially facilitating team leadership.  Notes and Resources are listed below.   

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Healthy Teamwork–Anglican Diocese of Grafton Lay Conference 2020

Effective teamwork: 24 practical hacks for your business – Loop ...I am enjoying being home in Tasmania but able to work with lay leaders today in the Diocese of Grafton.  This year’s conference is a little different working over ZOOM.  Hope it all goes smoothly and well.  In the section below, I have linked all the notes from today’s session and the resources I will discuss.   

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Increasing Resilience in Adversity (COVID-19)

Resilience is a dynamic capacity comprising the attitudes, the skills and the resources to cope effectively with adversity, to recover quickly from unusual stress, to respond positively to significant challenges, and to adapt learning to positively tackle difficult problems. Resilience is complex involving personal attributes, acquired knowledge and wisdom, learned behaviours, important external support relationships and access to resources. The following workshop sheet is adapted for COVID-19 from training sessions conducted by The Johnmark Extension over the last 5 years.

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Conflict in Ministry – The Gospel Coalition – Melbourne

I am looking forward to a discussion today around conflict in ministry – signs, prevention and reconciliation with the Gospel Coalition gathering in Melbourne. The presentation and a couple of files are included below.

More documents may be added as we open discussion questions and reflect together on issues related to conflict and reconciliation.

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SMBC Pastoral Care – Guest session on Conflict in Christian Communities

Great to spend the evening with students in the Pastoral Care class at Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Croyden, We explored unique features of conflict in churches, Jesus’ teaching on conflict in Matthew’s gospel, the constituent parts of conflict and how to care for those experiencing conflict and respond to conflict in churches. The notes from our three sessions are linked below.

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