Presbyterian Churches of NSW – Consultancy Training Group

On Monday 18, August, members of the New South Wales Presbyterian Consultancy team met with Tim to reflect on conflicted situations in church life and to look at potential positive intervention strategies.   The training day covered differences in consultation process, assessment tools, mediation skills, maintaining positive relationships and preparation for conflict.  Continue reading “Presbyterian Churches of NSW – Consultancy Training Group”

good old country faith

12 principles for effective ministry in rural parishes

tim dyer, john mark ministries (tas)

Rural ministry has a real attraction. Idyllic settings, close caring communities, unhurried lifestyle. Yet these very advantages have their costs. Isolation, lack of resources, complex relationships. Rural ministry takes place within a culture surprisingly removed from the norms of urban life. There are important aspects of country culture to understand and embrace before attempting to lead a rural congregation into change. Continue reading “good old country faith”