10 dimensions of a healthy team

6 May
I have recently been doing some work on teams.  There are 10 basic dimensions for a healthy team which both members and leaders can reflect on and work towards.
  1. Everyone is clear about the purpose and vision of the team
  2. The group is collectively committed to implementing their decisions
  3. Each person knows their role, their own strengths and weakness on the team and is willing to contribute
  4. People develop and maintain mutual trust with each other
  5. There is open honest communication
  6. There are healthy decision making and conflict resolution processes, people know they can share and influence the thinking of the group
  7. People are prepared to be creative, to take risks and feel comfortable doing so
  8. The team has a corporate spirituality – they pray and listen to God together
  9. The leader has good people facilitation and group skills
  10. The team is a supportive community – not enmeshed but aware of and caring of members own personal journeys

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