5 characteristics of effective mentoring

In a recent study of effective mentoring of female leaders, 5 critical characteristics were identified.  There are:

a) a genuine interest and care for others (not being self-centred or self focussed)

b) a disposition towards ongoing personal learning and growth (always open to learn more, humility)

c) a commitment to process, ensuring the experience is healthy and appropriate for others (attention to how others experience the process)

d) a willingness and comfort with being vulnerable and the courage to share personal struggles (preparedness to be open, honest and real)

e) a deep desire to empower, equip and grow others toward their potential (able to see the potential of others and a willingness to serve them)

These certainly rang bells for me as I read this. 

Adapted from Participant Characteristics for Effective Peer Group Mentoring

Jonathan Kroll, Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership In Learning Vol. 25 , Iss. 1,2017

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