A simple one page guide to mentoring

Help! I have been asked to be a mentor and I would love to say yes, but I don’t know what to do!

Mentoring another person is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It is an act of service, creating an environment where the person can share openly, deal with issues and grow. Mentoring does not require a degree or high level training (although training can make a significant difference in effectiveness). Anyone can mentor if they are willing to take the time to put some basic principles into practice.

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Filling or Draining? An Emotional Depletion Worksheet for use in Mentoring


Our lives and ministries revolve around a constant flow of giving out and taking in.  We regularly teach, counsel and care for people, listening and giving of ourselves in the process.  This spiritual and emotional outflow has to be balanced with input.  Family time, recreation, nature, music, retreating, reading, art, hobbies, sport… all in different ways put something back in our emotional tanks.  Getting the balance right in both the short and long term is essential for ongoing ministry and wellbeing.  We can become seriously depleted through attempting to ‘run on empty’. 

Try this attached resource for use in mentoring.  Let me know any adjustments you find helpful. 

Your Emotional Reservoir

Mentoring in 5 key areas

by Keith Farmer

Re-posted from The Australian Christian Mentoring Network www.mentoringnetwork.org.au/2012/01/mentoring-in-5-areas/

The role of the Christian leader, particularly the role of leading a local church, is one of the most diverse and difficult vocations in our society. The pressures and stresses of Christian leadership have led many to abandon ministry, and in some cases to abandon church and faith altogether. Continue reading “Mentoring in 5 key areas”