Emotionally Healthy Mentoring

I really enjoyed hosting the Australian Christian Mentoring Network’s training seminar in Adelaide today.  The keynote speaker was Keith Farmer who led two sessions on Emotional Health in Ministry.  Tony Ling (a friend from Tassie days) and now senior pastor at Victor Harbour Baptist Church led a session outlining his doctoral work on burnout in clergy.  During the afternoon we workshopped some mentoring resources and worked through a case study on emotional exhaustion. 

Members of the network in breakout discussion groups. 

The ACMN website has further materials however I have linked a number of resources I spoke about today to my own site. 


For my resources see below:

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The 10 key mentoring issues raised by pastors

This year I have been mentoring and journeying with pastors for 20 years.   Over this time we have reflected together on hundreds of challenging personal and ministry issues.  Mentoring does not provide easy answers in these areas of concern.  It rather creates space for sharing, questioning, exploring and seeking creative pathways.  In future posts I would like to share some resources in each of these areas.  For now I will list the top 10 personal and ministry concerns raised with me by pastors I have mentored..  

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