Training Conflict Management Teams

About Peace Train

Peace Train is a web site hosted by The Johnmark Extension. It aims to make available a wide range of resources on preparing for, managing and healing from church conflict. These are provided by Tim Dyer and may be used in church training environments by pastors and leaders with permission but not reproduced for profit.

Conflict Consulting and Facilitation

While Tim’s focus is on training teams to serve organisations and denominations through conflict resolution work, he does on occasions consult with churches and organisations experiencing conflict.

If you would like to talk to Tim about a conflict situation and his availability to assist please contact the johnmark extension via his primary site –


Training Conflict Management Teams


Churches of Christ–South Australia

I love visiting South Australia.  It was great to meet up with some old friends and to work with the Churches of Christ in establishing conflict competency among pastors and leaders.  We looked at a range of areas over Friday night and Saturday.  The notes and resources follow:

Arrow Leadership 15

I always enjoy the days I have the opportunity to work with Arrow Leadership participants.  Great to have the day with Group 15 yesterday at the Edmund Rice Centre, Amberley. Links to notes and resources are below: