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Category: Church Conflict

Why churches find conflict so difficult!

2 years ago

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if you are interested in why churches experience significant amounts of conflict. grab a cuppa and check out this video. A little on the long side at 25 minutes but explores the reasons churches are conflict prone and conflict averse at the same time.

Arrow Leadership Program – Executive

3 years ago

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I appreciated the opportunity to work with the Arrow Executive Program today in Sydney. Lots of good questions and discussion about conflict and healthy processes to follow. There are links in the section below to some resources and notes I mentioned in the training. This is also available on the Peace Train website

Churches of Christ–South Australia

6 years ago

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I love visiting South Australia.  It was great to meet up with some old friends and to work with the Churches of Christ in establishing conflict competency among pastors and leaders.  We looked at a range of areas over Friday night and Saturday.  The notes and resources follow:

Arrow Leadership 15

6 years ago

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I always enjoy the days I have the opportunity to work with Arrow Leadership participants.  Great to have the day with Group 15 yesterday at the Edmund Rice Centre, Amberley. Links to notes and resources are below:

Conflict Competencies for Christian Leaders

6 years ago

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The following constructive behaviours have been shown in research to be associated with positive outcomes to conflict. The Destructive / Damaging behaviours have been shown to lead to significant escalation of conflict and poor resolutions and outcomes[1].

A Non Personal Complaints Process

6 years ago

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Sample Non-Personal Complaints Process All churches and particularly their pastoral leaders have an agenda of growth and transformation in people’s lives. While this is positive and healthy, it often means change and challenge for church members. There are times when church members have a concern that they would like to raise with church leadership which…

SMBC Pastoral Care–Conflict in the Church Workshop

7 years ago

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Great to be back at Sydney Missionary and Bible College today to teach on conflict in Christian Communities. We covered the reasons churches are both conflict prone and conflict averse.  Looked at the dynamics of conflict,  How to analyse a conflict and prepare well for facing it.  We finished with some reflection on Matt 18…