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Month: March 2013

Arrow Leadership 11 Conference – Conflict Management in Christian Communities

9 years ago

171 words

      I enjoy my opportunities to teach in the Arrow Leadership program.  Always good to hang out with a choice collection of Bulls, Turtles, Koalas, classic Owls and this year a lone Turtle. I have added some material from today’s discussions to what was linked via this post this morning.  All the best…

Four Stepping Stones of the Peacemaking Journey

9 years ago

104 words

Truth-telling – What actually occured?  How should it be understood? What needs to communicated to whom?  What should remain confidential? Justice-seeking – what is the sin, evil or injustice in this? What will make this right for the offended parties?  What does God’s justice look like here?  Grace giving –  What does God’s mercy and…