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Month: July 2014

ABC’s of Church Conflict

8 years ago

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One of the helpful definitions of conflict () points out that there are always be three elements which interact when conflict gets inflamed and becomes damaging.    

Website woes

8 years ago

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Hi friends, My apologies to many who were trying to access materials over the weekend.  My four wordpress websites suffered a cyber attack on Friday last week which disabled all sites and closed off even my own access.  I had to take each of them down yesterday and rebuild them from scratch.  Thanks for your…

Managing Parish Conflict–Diocese of Melbourne Clergy Conference 2014

8 years ago

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It was good to catch up with friends in Melbourne this morning for a workshop at this year’s clergy conference.  I was given the topic of Parish Conflict – a bit of a regular with me these days. Please read more to get access to the links to the powerpoint presentation and also the resources…

10 reasons churches should be the experts in conflict resolution

8 years ago

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As I work around church communities, it is quite confronting to recognise that churches are naturally conflict prone.  We should be leaders within our communities, knowing and demonstrating reconciliation practices and then ministering these to families and community organisations.  Instead we spend a lot of time denying and suppressing our own conflict and never really…