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5 Sources of Leadership Conflict

6 years ago

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Over the last few weeks I have met with the leadership teams of several churches seeking to resolve internal conflicts.  Here are some observations from the frontline. 

5 sources of conflict:

  1. Lack of compatibility of vision and values
    There can often be a a hidden lack of compatibility between a pastor’s vision for how to do ministry and church members vision for who they want to become.  See my post on Stereo vision for more on this.  This is often underground and reveals itself in other disagreements around finances, programs and events.  Developing a deep level discussion around vision and values is key to resolving this. 
  2. Unclear expectations of leaders based on lack of role clarity
    Lots of conflict arises from disappointments based in unmet expectations.  This is not usually around behaviour but around a lack of agreed role clarity. What it is that the leadership team is supposed to do together?  What is the pastor’s role?  Role clarity is having a clear idea of what I am doing and having others see the role in the same way.  This creates basis for similar expectations.  Clarity on authority, delegation, boundaries and 
  3. Poor Communication
    A significant source of conflict is

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