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Churches of Christ–South Australia

6 years ago

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I love visiting South Australia.  It was great to meet up with some old friends and to work with the Churches of Christ in establishing conflict competency among pastors and leaders.  We looked at a range of areas over Friday night and Saturday.  The notes and resources follow:

Friday evening:

Our brainstorm on the unique features of conflict

Reasons conflict is unique in Christian communities

Components of Conflict

Conflict Dynamics and Competencies



Our morning brainstorm on the impact of conflict

5 Levels of Conflict

Conflict Styles  PPTX  Keynote  PDF 

Conflict Process

Preparing for Conflict Presentation

Steps toward Reconciliation

Local Church Grievance Policy (Editable)

Church Board Covenant (Editable)

Covenant Commitments for Christians in Times of Tension

Complaints Process

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