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Emotional Intelligence – Leadership and Conflict Resolution – reposted from Alban Institute

8 years ago

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I have been working with conflicted congregations for 20 years this year.  I am increasingly convinced that Emotional Intelligence is key to conflict management. Emotional Intelligence and Effective Conflict Management, This Pair Can Make or Break Your Leadership by Chris Gambill , Molly Lineberger I was a young pastor, conscientious, concerned for my congregation and the…

To forgive or not to forgive–is there a choice and who is it for?

8 years ago

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One of the most challenging issues I face in my work with clergy sexual misconduct and church conflict is forgiveness. How many times have I heard something along the lines of “The scriptures instruct us to forgive one another, you should forgive her and just get over it” or “I know I will never be…

Get below the surface to resolve conflict – think icebergs yet again!!

8 years ago

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 One of the common difficulties in conflict resolution is for work to take place at the wrong level.  Attempting to resolve conflict at the positional level is fraught with difficulties.  Two people with opposing positions will usually only confront each other and push each other further away.  I commonly ask individuals or groups to actively…

Handling Grievances the Gospel Way

8 years ago

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A Sample Grievance Process From time to time, in every community, issues arise between individuals and and others in organisations. This is normal. In anticipation, this document is designed to assist individuals find a godly and appropriate pathway to see their issues and concerns addressed. The core Biblical values that support this process are truth-telling…

Difficult Conversations – Do your homework

8 years ago

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 Preparing for a difficult conversation It takes years to construct a bridge but it can be brought down in minute. Very few people enjoy engaging someone else in a difficult conversation; even fewer relish the prospect of being called into one. A primary reason is that our experiences in these situations have often been very…

Arrow Leadership 11 Conference – Conflict Management in Christian Communities

9 years ago

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      I enjoy my opportunities to teach in the Arrow Leadership program.  Always good to hang out with a choice collection of Bulls, Turtles, Koalas, classic Owls and this year a lone Turtle. I have added some material from today’s discussions to what was linked via this post this morning.  All the best…