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Arrow Leadership Program – Executive

2 years ago

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I appreciated the opportunity to work with the Arrow Executive Program today in Sydney. Lots of good questions and discussion about conflict and healthy processes to follow. There are links in the section below to some resources and notes I mentioned in the training. This is also available on the Peace Train website

Arrow Leadership 15

6 years ago

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I always enjoy the days I have the opportunity to work with Arrow Leadership participants.  Great to have the day with Group 15 yesterday at the Edmund Rice Centre, Amberley. Links to notes and resources are below:

Arrow Leadership 11 Conference – Conflict Management in Christian Communities

9 years ago

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      I enjoy my opportunities to teach in the Arrow Leadership program.  Always good to hang out with a choice collection of Bulls, Turtles, Koalas, classic Owls and this year a lone Turtle. I have added some material from today’s discussions to what was linked via this post this morning.  All the best…