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Arrow Leadership 15

6 years ago

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I always enjoy the days I have the opportunity to work with Arrow Leadership participants.  Great to have the day with Group 15 yesterday at the Edmund Rice Centre, Amberley. Links to notes and resources are below:

SMBC Pastoral Care–Conflict in the Church Workshop

6 years ago

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Great to be back at Sydney Missionary and Bible College today to teach on conflict in Christian Communities. We covered the reasons churches are both conflict prone and conflict averse.  Looked at the dynamics of conflict,  How to analyse a conflict and prepare well for facing it.  We finished with some reflection on Matt 18…

Arrow Leadership 11 Conference – Conflict Management in Christian Communities

9 years ago

171 words

      I enjoy my opportunities to teach in the Arrow Leadership program.  Always good to hang out with a choice collection of Bulls, Turtles, Koalas, classic Owls and this year a lone Turtle. I have added some material from today’s discussions to what was linked via this post this morning.  All the best…

Covenant Commitments for Christians in Times of Conflict

11 years ago

511 words

“Making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3), as individual members and as the body of Christ, before God, we commit that: In our thoughts, we will Accept conflict Acknowledge together that disagreement and conflict are normal parts of our lives in Christian community and in…

Preparing for Conflict

11 years ago

649 words

Christian churches are dynamic communities with strong values and beliefs. They are concerned with the transformation of individuals lives, with creating community and engaging the society around them. They are made up of volunteers who come from very different walks of life, with different personalities and who would not necessarily be together if it was…

Managing Conflict

11 years ago

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This 1 page article or handout has been prepared for leaders serving churches in times of conflict. It is a partner handout to Preparing for Confict and Restoring Community.