SMBC Mentoring Training–PC043

How Reframing Your Failures Will Actually Bring Success - LifehackGreat to be back up to Sydney yesterday to complete workshop 5 with the fourth cohort of students through our Mentor Equipping Course.  Notes are in our shared dropbox and the day’s outline in the Moodle Folder.  Workshop 5 focuses on carefrontation skills, reframing and helping mentorees gain insight into their mindsets.   The extended version of the powerpoint on anxiety has also now been uploaded. 

Focus Military Ministry

Professional Development Training Day for Chaplains, Staff Workers and Leaders

It was a privilege to be back in Canberra, this time at ADFA and have the opportunity to work with a group of Army, Navy and Airforce Chaplains, along with Staff Workers and Leaders of Focus Military Ministry. Certainly an improvement over last year which was held via zoom. Thanks to the Bible Society who supported the day.

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