Matters of the Heart–Salvation Army Northern Cluster–April 2018

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Great to catch up with Cluster members today at Elizabeth Town.  We are working through Dallas Willard’s Restoration of the Heart.  Some notes and resources from today are attached. 

Reflection on the parable of the Rich Fool

The Greek text makes clear the four mistakes the subject of this parable makes. 

  • On receiving the blessings of a bumper crop, he neither gives thanks to God nor reflects on how to share his blessing with others but holds a dialogue only with himself as if his wealth has isolated him.
  • His self talk is all I, me, mine….  He comes up with a philosophy to trust his possessions rather than God, so he plans to store them.
  • His conclusion is that lots of good things euphoreo will give him a deep satisfaction euphraneo
  • He badly miscalculates – as he is not in charge of his own life it is on loan.  God can call in the loan at any point. 

Notes on the Greek text

Questions for spiritual formation reflection

Spiritual formation in 6 Keys