ADF Chaplains Seminar–HMAS Stirling–Western Australia- 5-8 November 2012

I have enjoyed meeting and working with the Western Regional ADF chaplains at HMAS Stirling.  Again the area of Moral Injury sparked lots of discussion.  We looked at the conscious and sub-conscious processes at work in PTSD and Moral Injury and began some reflection on forgiveness, reconciliation and moral repair.

Today we shifted focus to leadership and systems theory and finished with some work on self care in ministry.

Links to all the notes follow.

Pastoral Transactions in Ministry – sources of trust

Moral Injury Presentation

Conscious and Subconscious Processes

Moral Injury Resources

Repair of Moral Injury

Leadership Practices

Chaplains and systems

10 areas of vulnerability – and self care practices

5 levels of delegation

Intentional Mentoring Relationships