Anglican Diocese of Sydney – Parish Recovery Teams Training

Tim and I joined the Parish Recovery Team via Zoom today because of concerns about COVID.

We reflected by reflecting on Psalm 81 then reflected on 6 basics of self-care. We then moved to the six principles of trauma informed care (promote trauma awareness, safety, control, strength, connection, and belief in recovery) then reflected on Parish Based Recovery Groups as part of parish recovery.

Notes are resources are in the team Dropbox.

Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT – Church Consultancy Training

Tim and I were pleased to connect with the Specialised Consultancy Team for the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT at the Ministry and Learning Centre in Macquarie Park.

The main topics explored in the training included Cognitive Processes in Conflict, and Polarity Management as opposed to problem solving. He also touched on Christopher Moore’s causal Elements of Conflict and David Snowden’s Complexity Theory.

The notes and resources can be found in SharePoint.

Leading Change and Transition – Seminar 1

Transform Southern Sydney is hosting a series of seminars for leaders on change and transition leadership. At the first of four seminars (on zoom today) Tim introduced four types of change and transition, focussed insights from Bridge’s Transition Model and Worden’s Four Tasks of Letting Go in leading change and transition, and outlined the tasks of effective leadership through the transition process with reference to Kotter’s Process for Leading Change.

Notes and resources are in the team Dropbox.

Presbyterian Church of NSW and ACT – Church Consultancy Training

Tim and I joined the Presbyterian Church Consultancy Team via Zoom this and yesterday morning. We returned to the standard facilitation process before reflecting on broad types of proactive (problem solving, re-visioning, and redevelopment) and reactive (specialist) consultancies. We then explored issues facing ministers in the aftermath of the last two years of COVID19.

The resources are in the consultancy team Dropbox.