Conference of the Churches of Christ (Victoria and Tasmania)

On 6th and 7th of September, around 80 pastors spent 6 sessions with Tim at the Vic Tas conference at Grace Christian Church in Melbourne. The themes of the two days looked at ‘healthy pastors’ and ‘healthy congregations’. Thursday’s sessions were based on Paul’s teaching in 1 Tim 4:9-5:2 – advice from an experienced leader to a pastor. On Friday the discussion looked at the dynamics of health through Ephesians 4:1-17 – body life. The outcomes of our discussions and the presentations are attached on the next page:

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Christian Reformed Church – Devonport

Last Sunday Tim was invited to preach at the Christian Reformed Church in Devonport. His sermon was an introduction to Paul’s teaching on Spiritual Gifts. Tim shared on the likely origin of Paul’s theology as he observed the functioning of God’s grace in the earliest Chrisitan communities.  Please leave a request here if you would like a copy of the notes.

Christian Reformed Churches of Australia Ministers and Wives Conference 2007

Tim gave two addresses to participants at the CRCA conference in Collaroy this week. The first session explored the nature of power in Christian ministry. It was followed after lunch by a session on self-care in ministry. Both sets of notes were available and several documents Tim referred to in the sessions have been listed along side them. The links below have been removed. Please contact Patricia or Tim if you would like access to the notes from the conference.

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