Emotionally Healthy Mentoring

I really enjoyed hosting the Australian Christian Mentoring Network’s training seminar in Adelaide today.  The keynote speaker was Keith Farmer who led two sessions on Emotional Health in Ministry.  Tony Ling (a friend from Tassie days) and now senior pastor at Victor Harbour Baptist Church led a session outlining his doctoral work on burnout in clergy.  During the afternoon we workshopped some mentoring resources and worked through a case study on emotional exhaustion. 

Members of the network in breakout discussion groups. 

The ACMN website has further materials however I have linked a number of resources I spoke about today to my own site. 


For my resources see below:

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Mentor Equipping Training launches at SMBC

Sydney Missionary and Bible College

I really enjoyed working with our Mentor Equipping trainers in Sydney, Peter Moore and Sally Jones to launch the first cohort of trainees in the accredited version of the MEQ course.  The training is a development of the course first put together by Les Scarborough.  It has been extensively updated and is now offered as an Australian College of Theology program.  Our first residential is just complete and there are two more workshops in this unit.  A second cohort is due to start in January – please contact SMBC if your are interested.