Resilience and Self Care for Chaplains–Anglicare

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It is great to be enjoying the Autumn colours in the Southern Highlands at Bowral.  We are working through Resilience and Self Care practices for Chaplains who often need to deal with Secondary Traumatic Stress.  Notes and resources follow:

Brainstorm on the costs of care

Brainstorm costs of care xmind version (Download a copy and save it to your computer with another name)

Presentation on Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress

Brainstorm on Resilience

Brainstorm on Resilience xmind version

Presentation on Resilience


ProQOL (Excel)

Trauma Recovery Scale

Mirroring and Un-mirroring

Whole Person Self Care

Draining or Filling Exercise

Self Care Brainstorm

Self Care Brainstorm xmind version

Anglican Diocese of Southern Queensland–Southern Region Clergy Conference–Noosa

Back in Noosa again today for the Southern Region Clergy conference for the Diocese of Southern Queensland.  A little cooler this week but still sunny and warm for a Tasmanian.  We are looking at Healthy Clergy and Healthy Parishes.  Links to the notes and presentations follows:

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