An Annual Spiritual Checklist

I adapted this about seven years ago from Patricia Hayes, an Alban Institute Consultant who I had the privilege of learning from in the USA.


Here are ten questions any person could use as an annual review of discipleship and ministry.

This has been prepared for use within a mentoring relationship.

  1. Prayer
    Describe your prayer life this year? Growing? Fading? Exciting? Faltering? Boring? What aspect of prayer could you explore to grow in your relationship with God?
  2. Learning
    What have you studied this year (formally or informally)? In what context did this happen (Preparation, research, interest)? What have you learned?  What learning is important for you in the coming year?
  3. Worship
    How has corporate and private worship been for you this year? Highs? Lows? Are you taking time to prepare or “just showing up”?
  4. Leadership Skills
    In what ways do you sense that your capacity to lead has grown, developed or increased? What have your learnt from observing the leadership of others? What are you learning about your own style, areas of growth?  What is your leadership challenge for this year?
  5. Community Building
    How are you connecting with and building your networks and sense of community? What formal links do you have (clubs, societies, groups)? Informal (occasional relationships, connections)? Does this need to grow or shrink this year and how will you manage this transition?
  6. Public or social action
    Where have you been publicly visible expressing your faith or commitments? What blocks you from action? How could you shape this area of life more effectively?
  7. Serving Others
    Where and in what relationships have you served God this year? Where do you sense God’s deepest and most significant work has been done through you?
  8. Sense of Growth
    What events or situations have caused personal growth this year; spiritually, emotionally, relationally? Describe your current growing edge?  Is there a challenge you need to face and are tempted to bypass?
  9. Balance
    Reflect on your sense of being balanced in life? Where are you too heavily committed? Where are you missing out? Do you keep Sabbath rhythms (a regular day off, retreats, holidays, recreation)? How are your stress levels overall? What small achievable adjustment would produce a more balanced life?
  10. Kingdom Fulfilment
    We all accept that there is room to grow into the fullness of the kingdom. Where do you sense you are called to focus in the coming year?

Adapted by Tim Dyer from an original list by Patricia Hayes, Alban Institute Consultant.

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