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Encounter Youth Adelaide – Conflict Management Training

Tim and I enjoyed our connection with the Encounter Youth team in Adelaide on the 2nd and 3rd of August.

The presentations are available below, along with resources we referred to during the time.

Arrow Executive Leadership Session – Managing Conflict

Tim and I were with the Arrow 14 Executive Leadership Cohort this afternoon. Below are the presentations and links to resources Tim referred to in the session.

Conflict Competency: Baptist Churches of South Australia

Tim and I enjoyed catching up with Elders and Church Council members in Adelaide on the 11th of July.

The presentation is available below, along with several resources we made available and referred to during the evening.

Arrow Leadership – Conflict Management

Tim joined leaders at Arrow 25 in Melbourne to teach on Conflict Management on the 17th of May.

The PowerPoints are available below, along with resources made available and referred to during the time.

Arrow Leadership Program – Executive

I appreciated the opportunity to work with the Arrow Executive Program today in Sydney. Lots of good questions and discussion about conflict and healthy processes to follow. There are links in the section below to some resources and notes I mentioned in the training. This is also available on the Peace Train website

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Anglican Diocese of Brisbane–Diocesan Leadership Team Training in Conflict Management

I am enjoying a few days in Brisbane this week working with the leadership team of the Diocese of Brisbane.  The venue is St Francis’s Theological College.  A great place to be able to work for three days. 

Links to the notes for each day’s sessions are following: