Preparing for a mentoring session

Six practical steps to take in preparing for a mentoring session.

  • Keep a confidential file with material relating to your mentoree secure and up to date. Some mentors keep a journal for each mentoree.
  • Keep notes on each session including key life events, areas to work on, progress on objectives, accountabilities, prayer points, things to follow up.

  • Prepare for each session by prayerfully reviewing the file or journal. Be conscious of the privilege and responsibility of mentoring. Note any specific questions you might ask, pastoral issues you might follow up.

  • Revisit each objective specifically and consider resources or exercises that might be helpful for the person in their personal, leadership and spiritual development.

  • Prepare your notes for the day ahead of time with space for life update, emerging issues, objectives, accountabilities and follow up.

  • At the conclusion of the session review your notes, enter any commitments into your diary, note anything to follow up with your supervisor and file them away. If you are keeping a journal for the mentoree, journal the day’s activities. 

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