Characteristics of an Effective Mentor (Glen Booth)

A simple but truthful acronym of the word ‘mentor’ from Glen Booth.


Models what is taughtMakes an intentional covenant commitment to invest the time necessary to form a close, open and honest relationship with the mentoree


Exhorts, guides, counsels and listens to the mentoreeEncourages the mentoree to set spiritual, personal, career and ministry goals and assists in attaining those goalsEquips the mentoree with knowledge, skills and shapes inner attitudes


Nourishes the mentoree by sharing insight, wisdom and experience to guide the mentoree’s growthNurtures the mentoree’s confidence through affirmation


Totally commits himself or herself to being open and transparent, allowing the mentoree to see strengths and weaknesses, successes and failuresTeaches the mentoree to serve, lead and to equip others


Openly and honestly challenges the mentoree’s weaknesses and areas that need developmentOffers himself or herself as an instrument to be used by God to shape the mentoree as a leader


Realises the importance of multiplying leadership through discipling and mentoringRecognises the mentoree’s potential as a leader and encourages the mentoree to work toward reaching that potential

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